The idea for Carlysle Manufacturing Company began when I was designing furniture for my first San Francisco apartment.  In order to make the most of a small space, I utilized the existing picture railing to act as the anchor for vertical storage.  By re-imagining traditional wall-mounted furniture, I have designed a line of products that can be installed in minutes and requires no permanent hardware for mounting.  This unique system is a perfect solution for those looking to add a practical three-dimensional canvas to their home without the risk of damaging walls.  

I started this company in the fall of 2013 with the goal of only creating unique and useful products.  Back then, the business was run from both a community workshop, and my apartment.  For nine months my cramped apartment became ground zero for a furniture manufacturing company, packed full of lumber, metal, tools and products.  My dream was to acquire my own shop space in San Francisco, but like so many talented people in the industry, high prices forced me to take my dream elsewhere.  

This past August, I moved everything about an hour and a half south of SF, into the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The experience has allowed me to have my own shop space to build and create new products, and has also been a great reset from the hustle of San Francisco.  In keeping with my support of local manufacturing, all of the products are still made in the Bay Area.  Please stay tuned as I look to start releasing a new line of products this fall/winter.


Thank you for stopping in.


John Carlysle Pemberton